A hassle free approach to mend damaged MP4 Video files:

Getting irritated that your most favorite MP4 video file has now become unplayable? If you want to come out of this undesired and bad situation then here is a solution. By making use of this solution which is popularly known as repair MOV Mac, you can make your pet video file playable again. The video file is not getting played because it is damaged to a severe extent and it needs to be repaired. This product will fix your corrupt file without any difficulty and will make it playable. Mostly, these MP4 files get broken due to certain factors such as header corruption, virus attack and firmware corruption. These are some of the most common causes for MP4 corruption. Your favorite MP4 file may get corrupt due to any of these reasons at some point of time. So you must be ready with a backup because you never know when these factors may damage the file. If you fail to take the backup of your vital video file and find it inaccessible at certain point of time then just try this utility to repair such an inaccessible MP4 file.

These files get damaged if you store them on a storage medium which is damaged. So you should always check the condition of the storage media before you try to store or transfer the files to it. The main reason behind the corruption of these files is header damage. Header of any file holds all the information related to that file such as when was the file created, when was it last modified and what is the size of the file. It also contains many other essential details such as length and name of the file. Likewise, the header of a MP4 file consists of all the details regarding it. When this header part of the MP4 file gets broken the file becomes unreadable.

There are innumerable reasons for header part corruption. The header of this video file gets corrupt when a malicious virus attacks it or when the power surge takes place. You will be able to avoid header corruption that takes place due to virus invasion by running a robust antivirus software on your machine. An MP4 file also gets damaged when all of a sudden the system gets turned off abruptly while the file is being played. This results in severe file corruption. All these problems can be solved by using this program. To know how to resolve the problem of header corruption, visit http://www.repair-mov-mac.com/file-header.html.

An MP4 file gets broken when you try to change the extension of it. It also gets damaged when some interruption takes place while it is getting transferred from one storage device to the other. Interruption can take place in the form of power fluctuation or human error. These files get damaged even when you try to capture videos using a camcorder or digital camera which is running on low battery. If you have stored huge MP4 files on your digital camera or camcorder memory card then they will get corrupt within seconds if you connect that memory card to a Mac machine whose hard drive is damaged.

Important video files will also get broken when one tries to run them on an incompatible media player. To protect video files from getting corrupt you must stop transferring them to a machine which is infected with viruses. Don’t try to modify the header of a .mp4 file by using third party applications as these third party tools can corrupt the header thereby corrupting the entire MP4 file. If your file gets damaged due to certain unavoidable factors such as power failure and sudden system shutdown then in such conditions you can use this program which is also capable of repairing Mac MOV video file corrupt due to video frame corruption.

This product is completely safe to be used by any Macintosh user. Macintosh Mountain Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard users can surely make the best use of this application to fix corrupt MP4 file stored on their machine hard drives. This utility will help you repair .mp4 files residing on camcorders namely Contour HD, Olympus Sx772, Kodak Playsport Zx5, Nikon Coolpix P1 etc. If you want to fix MOV files on Macintosh OS X then try this powerful tool.


Easy steps to fix MP4 file on Mac:

Step 1: From the main window choose a healthy MP4 file and a corrupt MP4 file. After choosing these two click on the "Repair" button to begin the process of repairing.

Repair MP4 File on Mac - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Hit the "Preview" option soon after the completion of repair process to preview the repaired file contents.

Repair MP4 File on Mac - Preview Screen

Figure 2: Preview Screen

Step 3: To save the repaired MP4 file on your Mac machine choose a destination location and hit the "Save" option.

Repair MP4 File on Mac - Save Repaired File

Figure 3: Save Repaired File