Zip file play an important role in file archiving process therefore it is also known as archive file. It is the most popular file format method using these days to compress multiple files to form a single file. In the present corporate world people get less amount of time with more work load. In order to send many number files over internet, one may take longer time to send all the files. So to complete this task Zip files play a significant role which reduces the time to send the multiple files and it also help to send a large size file as an email attachment.

As we all know that email service providers give a file size limit and you just can’t send a file exceeding the size that allowed by email provider. But, by zipping you can dramatically reduce the size and then you will be able to attach it with the email.

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Zipping involves a technique which compresses the content of files in such a way that no information is lost and repeating words are removed from the original content and pattern is generated. This compression technique uses software like WinZip and WinRAR. This technique can be more useful during the times when the Windows 7 PC hard drive is running out of memory.

What if confidential Zip files stored in your Windows 7 computer has been viewed by other persons and you have no idea how to lock zip file in Windows 7? If any such thing happens then you might be in trouble and face lots of problems. So the only solution to prevent such acts and to protect the confidentiality of the Zip files in Windows 7 is to lock them up.  To lock Zip files in Windows 7 you will find many apps, however you need to be sure that they are reliable and will not cause any damage to the Zip files. The software must be able to lock zip file Windows 7 intensely with a strong password.

The best tool that could lock your confidential or private Zip files is Remo MORE. This tool is highly reliable to lock Zip files in Windows 7 with a single password. No one can unlock these locked files until and unless a correct password is used to unlock the files. Thus, it avoids the unauthorized access from the data intruders to your confidential Zip files in Windows 7.

Features of Remo MORE Software:

Remo MORE is incomparable tool that has many features, which are powerful enough to guide you step by step with onscreen instructions to know how to lock Zip file in Windows 7. It is designed with a highly interactive user interface to provide protective Zip file lock feature. You can lock Zip files in Windows 7 which can be of any file format like .Zip, .ZipX, RAR, etc. You can easily and accurately lock your Zip files. It does not make any changes in the contents of the Zip files. The entire locking procedure requires just few mouse clicks and couple of your precious minutes.

How to use Remo MORE to Lock Zip File in Windows 7?:

Step 1: Download and Install Remo MORE Software and then launch the tool.  Now choose a “File/Folder Locker” option as shown in Fig 1.

Fix Broken MOV File Mac - Main Screen

Figure 1: File Locker Main Screen

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Step 2: Now Select and Add the Zip files, after that click on Lock Button as shown in Fig 2 to lock your Zip files.

Fix Broken MOV File Mac - Preview Screen

Figure 2: Select Zip Files

Step 3: Selected Files will be Locked Successfully as shown in Fig 3.

Fix Broken MOV File Mac - Save Repaired File

Figure 3: Zip File Locker Complete

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