Need an advanced tool to resolve the problem of Movie file header corruption?

Each one of us know the importance of a header file for a particular file type. Each MOV file contains a header file which stores all the essential details regarding that particular Movie file. So, it is the utmost important part of a video file. But sometimes what may happen is, the header file that holds the information about a specific file may get broken. There are different unavoidable situations which finally result in the corruption of this header file. When these files get damaged due to some reasons you will not be able to play any .mov file on media players like Quicktime and VLC.

If you try to open your .mov file whose header is corrupt, on media players like GOM or Windows Media Player you will encounter different error messages such as "Could not open the file – Error 8971" and "Header corrupt". These errors won't let you play your favorite video file. This is really a problematic situation and thus there is a need to repair the damaged header. To fix this complicated problem you just need a repair utility that can mend broken Movie file header without making any kind of modification to the original MOV file. Such a trustworthy tool is repair MOV Mac which can fix video file header safely within few minutes.

The header of a video file is highly crucial as it stores the first origin of the block for the file which is dwelling on the hard disk. But unfortunately there are multiple reasons behind it’s corruption. Some of these are avoidable and however the header file can be protected if certain precautionary measures are taken. But some other factors are unavoidable and this utility which can perform corrupt MP4 repair comes into the picture in this condition. These files get damaged when one shuts down his PC in an improper way while the .mov file is running. It also gets broken when something interrupts while the Movie file is getting moved from one storage device to the other. After this incident, when one tries to open the MOV file he will not be able to do so and he will also face different error messages that will not let him open the desired video file.

Error 8971 which occurs when the header of an MOV file gets damaged, results in the inaccessibility of that Movie file. Most Mac users come across this error code when they try to play their favorite video file whose header is broken. One more error which is encountered when the header of this video file gets damaged is error 2048 which is also known as Quicktime error. A message stating "Quicktime error 2048 could not open the file" pops up when the header of an MOV file gets corrupt. To overcome these errors and to fix the issue of damaged header this application can be used.

A video file header gets broken when power fails all of a sudden while the file is being used. It gets severely damaged when some error occurs while the MOV file is getting downloaded from the internet. This renders an incomplete video file download and the header gets corrupt due to download error. When you change the file extension or when you run your pet file on an incompatible media player the header gets damaged to an extreme extent. You can overcome these situations and mend header file by using this application. Also, if you are one among those who are annoyed because their MOV file is damaged due to improper Mac shut down, then just make the best use of this program.

With the aid of this product you can safely fix damaged video file header on Macintosh computers such as Mac Mountain Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard. A header file that is damaged due to improper handling of an MOV file or power surges can be easily fixed with the help of this software. You can also mend MOV files that are corrupt due to video frame corruption or transfer error with the help of this amazing tool. Additional details about this application can be searched on


Repair MOV file header by following some simple steps:

Step 1: Choose the MOV file which is damaged because of a corrupt header after choosing a healthy MOV file as a reference from the main window. Select "Repair" option soon after choosing these two files.

Fix MOV File Header - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Once the repair process gets completed preview the repaired file contents by choosing the "Preview" option.

Fix MOV File Header - Preview Screen

Figure 2: Preview Screen

Step 3: After previewing save the fixed file on your Mac Lion or Leopard or any other Mac machine by hitting "Save" option.

Fix MOV File Header - Save Repaired File

Figure 3: Save Repaired File