Unable to play MOV file on your media player?

An MOV file becomes unplayable when it gets corrupt. To fix such a broken file is not a difficult job. In fact you can mend a damaged movie file in just some minutes by using a highly advanced repair tool such as repair MOV Mac. Many times when you try to convert an MOV file to some other file extension or when you try to move it from your Mac machine to some other storage media like a memory card it may undergo corruption. In these situations you will not be able to open your MOV file. These files become inaccessible under these conditions. But as stated earlier it is not a big deal. It is quite possible to repair these files with the help of this program. You need not get depressed that you won't be able to watch your favorite movie since it is inaccessible. You just have to make use of this robust software to get rid of this problem and to fix your unplayable movie file.

Situations in which MOV files get damaged are many. These files are completely non immune to corruption and they get broken instantly when power fails all of a sudden or when power surges keep interrupting while they are getting drifted from one storage medium to the other. These situations are unavoidable and therefore a backup of these files becomes a must. If one has the backup of vital .mov files then he need not worry even if the files get corrupt due to reasons such as those which are mentioned above. But if a backup of these files is not there then it is an unfortunate thing. Still with the help of this application one can fix MOV video file on Mac computer with great ease.

When a user downloads some applications from the internet by visiting an untrustworthy site some viruses may enter the Mac system at that moment. These harmful viruses may attack the MOV file and result in its corruption. This is one of the major reasons behind .mov file corruption. Some more reasons which ultimately lead to the damage of these files are header corruption, converting file extension, attempting to run these files on an incompatible player and improper handling. Sometimes we try to run our favorite movie or a video file on a player which is completely incompatible with our file. Because of such an attempt important movie files get broken. To save the disk space and also to improve the performance of the hard drive sometimes what we do is, we compress the file in order to reduce its size. But this is actually not recommended since it will lead to the corruption of that file. This tool which is well known as an application to fix damaged movie file header can be used in this situation.

Few suggestions which are meant to avoid MOV file corruption:

Carry out file compression if and only if it is necessary. If there is no necessity of compressing an MOV file then avoid compressing it as far as possible. This will reduce the chances of file corruption. These files are prone to corruption and get easily damaged when you try to play them on a media player which is not compatible with them. So make sure that you run them on a player which completely suits them. Stop attempting to change the file extension of your MOV file. This will definitely lead to the file corruption. If at all you change the file extension by mistake and the .mov file gets corrupt then use this application under that condition.

Various beneficial features of this utility:

If you want to mend MOV and MP4 files that are heavily corrupt on your Macintosh machine then this outstanding product is meant for you. To gain some knowledge on how it repairs an MP4 file you just have to log on to http://www.repair-mov-mac.com/mp4-file.html. This product supports different Macintosh computers such as Mac OS X Lion, Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard. It is indeed possible to fix video files that are unplayable due to download error and CRC error with the support of this software.


Steps to fix broken Movie file on Mac OS X:

Step 1: Once you launch this software on your Macintosh OS X a main screen will appear from which you need to select a healthy MOV file and also a damaged MOV file by browsing. Then you need to initiate the repair process by clicking on "Repair" button.

Fix Broken MOV File Mac - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Preview the repaired file contents once the repairing is completed.

Fix Broken MOV File Mac - Preview Screen

Figure 2: Preview Screen

Step 3: At last save the fixed MOV file on your Mac machine by choosing a destination location.

Fix Broken MOV File Mac - Save Repaired File

Figure 3: Save Repaired File